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If you are interested in becoming a referee are of age 12 before Dec 31st, you can contact the head referee.

Referee-In-Chief  –  Reg Gosselin

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The things a coach has to do!

BC Hockey has announced a new policy that will require all coaches to be certified before going on the ice with the players.


***Coaches Guide to Developing Self-Esteem

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Helmet Regulations – All coaches required to wear helmets on ice

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Okanagan Mainline Amateur Hockey Association (OMAHA)
“If coaches and parents focus only on mistakes, kids will likely develop fear of failure or fear of making mistakes.
They’ll scrutinize their mistakes. They’ll stop playing freely—but will instead play to avoid making mistakes. Fear of failure hurts kids’ performance. Young athletes play their best when they feel confident and free and are willing to take risks.
After a game, follow these tips:
·         It’s important to be positive. Both coaches and parents can find one or two positive things to say about how the kids played.
·         Be clear that your athletes’ performances don’t reflect on them as people. Often, young athletes link their self-esteem with their performance.
·         Ask your players what they did well, and discuss these points with them, even if you don’t agree.
·         Watch your body language or other subtle punishments you give. It may show your disappointment that the team lost the game.
·         Focus how to improve the next game instead of the loss!”
From Kids Sports Psychology website:



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